Writer Padmabhushan: A Tale of Dreams and Reality

Writer Padmabhushan: A Tale of Dreams and Reality


“Writer Padmabhushan” is an inspirational and heartwarming narrative about the dreams and struggles of an aspiring writer. This low-budget film, directed by director Shanmukha Prasanth, has made waves in the Telugu film industry for its simplistic yet engaging storyline. The protagonist, Padmabhushan, is an assistant librarian who aspires to become a globally acclaimed writer.

The Plot

The Dreamer

The narrative revolves around Padmabhushan (Suhas), an assistant librarian from Vijayawada. He is an ardent book lover who dreams of becoming a famous writer. Padmabhushan has already written and published his first book, “Tholi Adugu” (First Step), but the reality is far from his dreams. He often hallucinates about fans squabbling for his autograph and his book becoming a bestseller.

The Reality

The reality is a stark contrast to Padmabhushan’s dreams. His book doesn’t sell, and he has to resort to distributing free copies to the patrons of his friend’s salon. In these scenes, the director beautifully portrays soft emotions and the desperation of a struggling writer trying to get his work noticed.

The Family

The Support System

Padmabhushan hails from a middle-class family. His parents, Madhusudan (Ashish Vidyarthi), a clerk in a registrar’s office, and Saraswati (Rohini), a housewife, are his pillars of support. They firmly believe in their son’s abilities and support his writing dream, adding an emotional element to the narrative.

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The Comic Relief

The film also lightens the mood with comic relief. The family switches from auto to cab to make a grand entry at a wedding, providing a humorous glimpse into the middle-class lifestyle.

The Twist

The Anonymous Writer

The plot takes a twist when an anonymous person starts writing under the pseudonym of Padmabhushan. A blog also surfaces under his name, and suddenly, Padmabhushan becomes famous. He is initially uncomfortable but soon starts enjoying his newfound success. His personal life also sees a massive change as his marriage gets arranged.

The Climax

The climax of “Writer Padmabhushan” is its crown jewel. The identity of the anonymous writer is revealed, intertwining with the film’s opening scene set in a government school. This revelation adds depth to the narrative and leaves the audience with an impactful social message.

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Character Performances

Suhas as Padmabhushan

Suhas, the movie’ lead actor, portrays Padmabhushan with sincerity. His performance effectively portrays the struggles and aspirations of an underdog writer. Suhas has successfully carried the film on his shoulders, making the character relatable to the audience.

Ashish Vidyarthi as Madhusudan

Ashish Vidyarthi, generally known for his negative roles, plays the character of Padmabhushan’s adorable father. His portrayal of Madhusudan, a fun and emotional father, adds charm to the narrative.

Writer Padmabhushan Movie Review

Relatable and Entertaining

Despite a few minor issues, “Writer Padmabhushan” is worth the watch. It is highly relatable, even for those outside of the writing world. The film is a simple love story, filled with emotions that everyone can connect with. It is a refreshing break from the mega action films that have become a norm in the industry.

Impressive Direction

Director Shanmukha Prasanth deserves applause for the way he has handled and written the narrative of Writer Padmabhushan. He has successfully conveyed an important message without making it seem preachy. The climax, which reveals the identity of the anonymous writer, adds more depth to the proceedings.


“Writer Padmabhushan” is a tale of the protagonist’s love, dreams, struggles, and reality. It is lovely little film that beautifully captures the journey of an aspiring writer and the challenges he faces. The film’s simplicity, engaging storyline, and impressive performances make it a must-watch.

Playing Locations

“Writer Padmabhushan” is playing at several locations, including Coral Square, Delray + Axis15 Extreme + IMAX + Penny Lanes, Fenton + Axis15 Extreme – NOW OPEN, Parkside + Axis15 Extreme + Penny Lanes, Pavilion Ridge, and Village + Axis15 Extreme + Penny Lanes.

Final Thoughts

“Writer Padmabhushan” is a heartwarming story that reminds us of the power of dreams and the strength of determination. It is a testament to the fact that dreams do come true, but not without struggles and challenges. It is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a good underdog story with a social message.

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